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Bulletin 14 – July 2023

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Over 300 children meet each week at the Sanctuary funded by Living Waters Church in Torbay, Devon, UK. What a joy to see such a work of God thriving in one of the poorest areas in Kenya

Bulletin 13 – February 2023

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It’s a joy for each child at St Annes to receive the gift of a new pair of school shoes each year

Bulletin 12 – November 2022

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We so easily forget in our island of abundance, that much can be achieved with little when God is in it and genuine love is applied in practice. Your funds given in love, applied with love, really does achieve great things in lives that would probably otherwise be wasted.

Bulletin 11 – August 2022

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This Proverb is so true – and here’s an up to date example of how children watch and copy their parents/grandparents. Last year

Bullein 10 – May 2022

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What an amazing, gracious and lovely God we serve! There is so much to glorify and praise Him for even in these troubled times for those who know Him as Lord and Saviour, especially as we know the eventual exciting outcome.


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Well here we are, by God’s abounding grace and loving kindness – already, almost two months into 2022. So much is happening globally that it can beoverwhelming and cause the natural response to withdraw into self-protection.
But folks, we still are here only to serve God.



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The trustees of Olive Bearers are very pleased to announce that our application for a grant to help fund the purchase of a minibus for use by St Anne’s school has been successful.